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I don’t have W2s or pay stubs because it was unpaid

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wholesale nfl jerseys jerseys 101 wholesale We were to work for a company and complete a specific project hence the unpaid internship. I did not sign an offer letter for this unpaid internship, and when I gave the number of my supervisor to the 3rd party background check company, they couldn’t get the hold of him and wanted W2s. I don’t have W2s or pay stubs because it was unpaid.. You wont let yourself enjoy those things because you feel you dont deserve them and are worthless. Its really uncomfortable but trying to make small goals for yourself and ONLY yourself, not to post online or share with anyone or say anything about, might help with starting to build that connection between yourself and your worth. Its weird at first but I think it helps with time. jerseys 101 wholesale wholesale nfl jerseys

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